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Canvas Messenger Bag

Canvas Messenger Bag

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Simple, multi variation bags. Perfect for any occasion.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nikolas Corkery

Very good bag made of pleasant material! But the threads stick out😭😭😭

Bobbie Blick

Very cute handbag, arrived quickly. Threads stick out, but it's okay. The material shows that it will be necessary to sew in places. So a bag for those who know how to sew (⁠ ⁠˘˘⁠ ⁠ ⁠)♥

Eryn Williamson

Bag sexy!!! In the complete sets there were 5 badges (Krim lesbian). Yakshchi VI shukaite is what yakisne is about, then watch Alik akhaha. The bag yak and all the same zrosumily, not the yakyssyu, ale I will, vimogam, criteria (call yak khoshte) vidpovid!!! Just like it!!! Vmistka, to the speech. To the musicants, all the scores, folders, zoshichi with notes and all the howlers of the mistetstva, and with all the Whiglyadatim, everything is neat. Ediniy Minus Tse akist, from Seryozno!! And glory to Ukraine! Death to the thieves! Ukraine mustache!

Wilfrid Auer

the shipping was pretty fast. the bag is all in all great and the things that come with it are super cute. the treads are sticking out and the material is a bit strange. i like it and i think it will be of good use :)

Gerard Erdman

I like to wear the bag, it would be better if the strap could be even longer well, but it came almost a month later, but I understand everything, This is all because of the war in my country, I have put 4 beautiful badges as a gift (I have already given one to my friend), I am very satisfied with the bag, I will wear it with pleasure